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Tic Tac Ku is a MENSA Select Award Winner. It is like Tic Tac Toe, except the game is played on a wooden board and in 9 different playing zones at the same time. 

Each playing zone has 9 positions. Each player controls where and how the other player can and must play by where that player places his or her marble. 


If player 1 places a marble in the middle zone, and in the upper right corner, then Player 2 must play in any open space they choose with in the upper right playing zone of the whole board.  Each player can affectively move their opponent to any of the 9 zones on the board, but that opponent can determing where within that zone, they want to play, keeping in mind that their choice will determine within which zone their opponent will play!  If a player get three in a row within any playing zone, they place a ring over the tic tac ku and win that zone.  The zone is still open for play if any position remains open, but only the first tic tac ku wins.   The game ends when all zones are full.  The player with the highest number of playing zones won, wins!


Tic Tac Ku is for 2 or 4 players.   It is a great game of logic and strategic planning.


Tic Tac Ku Add On is also available for your ColorKu game.  It is played on the same board, so another board is not needed,  The Tic Tac Ku add on Game is available on this site!


  • Wooden board game with  80 colorful balls in either green and white or blue and white, metal winning rings and instructions. 

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